1. While on the property, you must maintain a 6-foot distance from others.
  2. You must wear a face covering while on the property.
  3. Transactions shall be completed through the ball machine using exact cash or Tri-Valley Range Card. Ball machine accepts credit cards as well as $10, $5, and $1 bills.
  4. After completing your transaction at the ball machine, you must wipe down the areas you touch with the sanitizing wipes provided next to the ball machine.
  5. You may not use the range stalls marked as “closed.”
  6. You may not share clubs; and no loaner clubs are available.
  7. After completing your session, you must wipe down any area that you touched in your range stall with the sanitizing wipes provided near the range.
  8. Please return your basket to the designated area for used baskets, so that the staff can sanitize the basket before its next use.
  9. After completing your session, you are required to leave the property immediately. We are providing an area for exercise only. Socializing is not permitted.
  10. The Pro Shop and Concessions are closed.
  11. Only three people at a time at the putting green—one in each zone.
  12. Only one person at a time at the chipping green.
  13. Only one person at a time in the restroom. Please leave the main restroom door propped open.
  14. If you are sick, you may not use any portion of the facilities.
  15. If there are people waiting, please limit your session to one bucket.
  16. If we reach capacity, you will be required to wait in your vehicle until capacity is available. Sign will be posted at the entry indicating we have reached capacity.
  17. Customers who do not follow the above rules will be asked to leave.

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-For your added safety, all range balls and baskets are being sanitized with bleach after each use.